Word of Encouragement

“May Christ be the center of your lives and your mission. Strive for holiness! If you should happen, like the disciples, to spend yourselves without success, transform this apparently frustrating experience into a precious occasion to pray and mature spiritually. The challenges of today are many and the means at our disposal to face them do not always seem adequate. Do not let the problems, the obstacles discourage you. On the contrary, may they force you to open your hearts to divine grace so that, with the strength of the word of Christ, you can sow the joy and newness of the Gospel with your presence and action.”

Pope John Paul II, given on September 13 2001


The Logical Dilemma of Moral Relativism

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I am increasingly amused by the post modern mindset of moral relativism today in our culture. Yet when a moral relativist adheres to the belief that our society has made “moral progress” (one example would be civil rights of one kind or another), how then does a moral relativist proceed to gage what is moral […]